Conclave 2021 will be held at the Seven Ranges Scout Reservation (7070 Meter Rd NE, Kensington, OH 44427 ) from May 14-16, 2021. The theme for this year is Hilltop Happening, where Arrowmen will gather for exciting shows, engaging activities and fellowship, and even the possibility to dunk the Section C-4 Chief! We will also have the National Vice Chief, Greg Brown, in attendance!

Hilltop Happening will bring Arrowmen from across Section C-4 so they can reach the mountain top! We will be able to celebrate our past and future on top of Thunderbird hill with all Arrowmen, looking over our whole section at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation!


What is conclave?

Conclave is the largest gathering of lodges throughout Section C-4, Order of the Arrow. At conclave, all 8 of our lodges will arrive to engage in all aspects of program that an Arrowman would want. We have Inductions and Ceremonial Evaluations (ICE), engaging and interactive shows, fun program and other activities, tailored trainings including a National Officer Keynote, networking and fellowship, and of course patch trading! At this event, we want to provide every Arrowman the opportunity to take something away either if its fun, better knowledge, or just a nice weekend getaway. Among all of these promises, we will celebrate our organizations mission and purpose and the traditions it has.