Conclave 2020 Update
  • Q: Why is conclave virtual? A: Conclave has been turned to a virtual event to both serve and protect the fellow Arrowmen of Section C-4. We want to be mindful of everyone’s health and safety while also providing an event for everyone to enjoy!
  • Q: When is conclave and how do I register? A: Conclave is still happening on September 25-27, 2020, just not in person. At this point, registration is not open yet but you will be able to at a later point on!
  • Q: How much is Conclave 2020? A: We are excited to provide conclave at the cheapest it has ever been. It will be free for all Arrowmen to enjoy!
  • Q: Will the section elections still occur? A: Yes, we will host elections for Section Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary during the weekend. If you are interested in running for office, you can find the form here.