One of the most important functions of a conclave is training!

Learning from Arrowmen who have been in the shoes you want to fill is one of the best way to increase your activity and participation in our order. Have you ever wanted to run an effective chapter meeting? Have you ever wanted to improve lodge communications? Be a better Elangomat? Improve troop rep program? Have you ever wanted to hear from one of our National officers? Well have we the training for you!


  • Understanding your role (Which card should you pick?)
    • Get guidance from past/present officers about the role the chapter fills in the OA program and how YOU can make an impact on the chapter level and beyond.
  • Planning a successful chapter meeting (Planning Reclamation Day)
    • Learn more about the versatility behind chapter meetings. You can do anything you put your mind to, if you know how!
  • Chapter Events Forum (Reclamation Forum)
    • Sit down (or stand up, you do you) and have an engaging discussion with other interested individuals about how your chapter runs its events. Discuss new ideas and learn from everyone around the sections!
  • Lodge communications (Settlement communications)
    • Have facebook? Many younger arrowman don’t. Discuss strategies to reach your lodges youth and how to engage them!
  • So you wanna be lodge chief? (So you want to be Overseer?)
    • Want to one day have that bonnet sitting on top of your head? Is being on the LEC your goal?  Learn how to get there while helping enrich your lodges program!
  • Elangomat Use and Training (Companion training)
    • An arrowman is an example to those all around them. Who was your example when you completed your Ordeal? Learn the benefits of the elangomat program, how to use them, and become a trained elangomat yourself!
  • So you’re an OATR… (Representing the Vault)
    • Have a cool Troop Rep. patch but don’t know what to do? Find out for yourself what your role is and how to become even more successful! Troop Reps and OA Assistant Scoutmasters encouraged to attend
  • Rejuvenating Troop Meetings Forum (Increasing Settlement Population)
    • Every troop has its highs and its lows. Don’t let low troop attendance get you down. Learn how to once again enthrall your scouts with ideas and methods from scouters from throughout the section!
  • Bringing the OA to the PLC (Fitting into Appalachia)
    • Have you ever wondered what role the OA actually plays in your troop? Have that question answered and more with thoughtful insight and discussion!
  • Understanding Ceremonial Themes
    • Our ceremonies have evolved over the years, but our messages has been the same: Help other people at all times. Learn other themes and relive your candidate experience with weathered ceremonialists.  
  • Patch Design and Creation (C.A.M.P. Tutorial)
    • Who doesn’t love patches?! Find out the process behind creating your favorite collectibles, and don’t forget to bring your favorite patches!
  • National Vice Chief Keynote (Co-Overseer Keynote)
    • Listen to the 2019 National Vice Chief Eric Harrison talk about leadership, high performing lodges, and effective teamwork!