Trainings at Hilltop Happening will give you the chance to broaden your thoughts and ideas while collaborating with others! Not only do we have the normal trainings to grow your knowledge in the OA, but we also are giving you the opportunity to have fun while doing so! View our trainings below and make sure to register today!

Training at Conclave 2021

When a neophyte Arrowman first dips his toes into the Brotherhood, the first person to lead them on their journey is no other than the Elangomat, with whom they share their Ordeal and grow in cheerful service. Being the best Elangomat you can is a special and meaningful part of the OA, and this training session will teach you exactly what it means to be an Elangomat and
how you can perform its duties to embody the ideals of the Ordeal.

Curious in expanding your knowledge of ceremonies? Are you a novice or expert? No matter your experience in the Order of the Arrow, you will be able to collaborate with others in broadening your ability to perform a ceremony with all the necessary knowledge. While in this training, you will learn best practices and ideas from Arrowmen from all eight of our lodges!

Nature is the home of our Order. We congregate in it, share memories in it, enjoy its beauty, and most of all… we give service to it! Keeping our environment as clean as when we inherited it is a core tenant of cheerful service, and in this training you will be equipped with a set of fun projects that you can do in your own Chapter or Lodge to give back to the environment and make our Earth enjoyable for the next generation of Arrowmen.

If you are an adult leader and wish to converse with advisers across the Section on the best practices for organizing Lodge affairs, helping guide youth Officers, and generally better understanding the optimal role of adult leadership, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re
lucky, we might even scrounge up enough money in the budget for coffee.

So, you think you’re up to run with the big leagues? Being a Section officer is one of the most exciting leadership experiences possible in the OA: It opens a world of training opportunities, it allows you to inspire change in the entire Brotherhood, and it’s a stepping stone to Regional and National offices. If you’ve ever aspired to be a Section officer, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “What does it take to lead a Section?” Well, ask no more! Our current section officers will demystify what the job entails, what it takes to be a good officer, and what you can do to eventually find yourself in that same position.

This training session will be a hike through the Seven Ranges Reservation where participants can learn about the local history of Columbiana County and the surrounding region, along with how to identify the common flora and fauna of the region.

The National Officer keynote will be delivered by none other than Greg Brown, the 2020-21 National Vice Chief! Greg is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout out of the Saklan Lodge in San Jose, California. He is also the former Section Chief for W-3S and will have some great insights about what leading the Brotherhood is like!

In the COVID-19 era where communication comes in the form of a Zoom call, a flurry of emails, and other socially distanced messaging, being an effective communicator is more important than ever; and it will remain so even post-pandemic. The question of what you can do to leverage social media and other tools of the trade to be a better leader is a question that can’t be answered better than by… you! This training will be in “roundtable” format, where you can share ideas and have discussions mediated by a trainer, who will merely be a facilitator of discussion rather than a traditional presenter.

Do you want to get into the college of your dreams? Whether it be Harvard, Ohio State, or anything in between, we got you covered! A former admissions officer will talk through what stands out in the eyes of college admissions and how you can take your interests, hobbies, and activities and turn them into an application that will be sure to catch the eye of your favorite school.